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Mughal India

The Palaces of the Mughals now lie empty. Oversailing roofs shade courtyards and balconies. Archways offer melancholy views to distant horizons. Fatehpur or City of Victory was built by the Emperor Akbar at Sikri the home of a Sufi Muslim who successfully prophesied the birth of Akbar's three sons. Work began in 1565 and was named after Akbar's victory over Gujarat in 1573. Akbar abandoned this wonderful folly just 13 years later, after the water supply dried up.


The Panch Mahal Fatehpur Sikri


Akbar's astrologer's seat


The Buland Darwaza (Gate of Victory) Fatehpur Sikri


Looking out from the fort in Agra


Within the walls of the fort in Agra


The fort in Agra


A Fountain within the Red Fort in Delhi


The Taj Mahal seen from across the Yamuna River from the Agra fort




Humayan's Tomb


Akbar's Tomb


Lunch time in Sikandra